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May 18, 2013


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    Jeff opened the door to your room, making little noise. He stumbled inside, then quietly slammed the door, causing you to wake up from your slumber.
    You heard the door quietly slam, and sat up slowly. There, stumbling towards you, a drunk Jeff slugged his way to your (f/c) bed. You rolled your eyes.
"Jeff, you really shouldn't be getting drunk- MRMPH~!" You got cut off as Jeff stumbled over your bed, and landed on top of you, face-first into your breasts.
"Mmh, you're so soft!" Jeff slurred out the words, muffled by your breasts in his face. Your face turned red as he started to motorboat you. You tried to push him off, but he pulled out his knife, under your neck. You swallowed. A normal crazed Jeff was bad enough. A drunk crazed Jeff could be worse, so you just let him lay on you.
    Jeff got up a moment later, and slid his way up your body, then pressed his lips to yours. The sharp tang of whiskey enters your mouth as you kiss. Jeff thrust his tounge in your mouth, making her jump back in surprise. Jeff pulled back, catching his breath, a thin line of saliva connecting you to him. There was a perverted drunk look in the killer's eyes as he looked right into yours. The smile on his leathery snow-white face told you exactly what he was thinking.
    You didn't have time to react when Jeff pulled out his knife out, and sliced open your shirt. You let out a squeal of surprise as he fumbled with your bra strap, growling when he couldn't get it off. So instead, he ended up cutting it off, leaving a nick in your chest, causing you to wince and bleed. You covered your exposed breasts, not letting the killer take a look.
    Jeff growled. "C'mon, just a peek," he slurred, reaching for your arms. You released, and let them fall to your side. Jeff quickly pinned them down. The killer leaned down, and kissed your neck. He looked for your sensitive spot, and when he found it, you tensed and squirmed, letting out a small moan.
"J-Jeff sto-" You were cut off when he plunged his tounge in your mouth, dominating yours with ease. His left hand traveled up your stomach, and then to your breast. Jeff massaged one of them, making you gasp and moan into his kiss. The killer only smiled wider, enjoying every second of this.

                (Jeff's POV.)

     My eyes were blurred. I had an idea of what I was doing, but then again, I couldn't think... I thought I heard someone moaning my name, but I can't really be sure...

               (Normal POV)

    After a while, Jeff had gotten off his intoxications, but he didn't stop massaging your breasts. You looked quite hungry for more, so you tugged on Jeff's black shirt. The killer smiled and sat up on top of you, then took off his shirt. With swift speed, Jeff slid off of you, then placed you on top of him. You looked surprised for a second, but then got over it. You felt every inch of his leathery snow-white chest, making him shudder and groan in delight. A bulge in his pants grew slightly larger.
"Fuck," Jeff mumbled. You noticed this, and slid back under Jeff, and held your knees up. You slowly rubbed your knee on his inner thigh region. You blushed harder when he groaned  your name. Jeff slowly cut off your (f/c) Pajama pants, and slid off his own. You had already known he was off of his alcohol when he had stated his curse.
"My, someone's exited," Jeff still had a hint of slur in his voice. You blushed a deep red. You didn't know you were THAT wet... Jeff sat you up at the edge of your bed, and cut the sides of your panties. You hid your entrance behind your hands.
    "Jeff, this is my first time, I- NGH~!" You were cut off as Jeff pushed your hands away, and stuck a single digit inside your entrance, making you moan. His finger slipped in and out of you, and in a matter of seconds, Jeff had slipped two more fingers inside you, making you moan louder.
    Jeff took his fingers out, leaving you panting. He lifted his fingers up to his endless grin, then licked them slowly.
"Tasty.. Sweet, like you," he smiled wider. "I want more." And with that, the killer thrust his head in between your legs before you could close him off, and stuck his tounge into your entrance.
"Jeff! Owh~!" You moaned softly, arching your back in delight. The killer's tounge moved all around your insides. 'God this chick is delicious!' Jeff thought to himself. Jeff could feel you getting greedy, for you shuffled your legs around him. Jeff growled in delight.
"So you want it that way, eh?" he smiled. You nodded your head, almost too needy. "Beg." he simply said.
"W-What?" You stammered.
Jeff smiled larger. "I said, beg." You blushed, and looked down.
"please, Jeff?" You softly said, shuffling your legs more.
"Huh?~ What was that? I can't hear you!"
"JEFF! Will you PLEASE! I want it!!!~" Your voice grew a bit loud.
    Jeff smirked. "That's better." The killer pushed you down, and slid his rubber on his member.
"G-Go easy since, AHH~!" You moaned as Jeff thrust himself into you, a sharp pain in your lower region making you squeal and tear up in pain.
"You're a virgin? That was unexpected..," he laughed.
"I told you that this was my first- OWH, JEFF~!" You had to mumble in your hand, for if you didn't, your parents would have heard you for sure. Jeff thrust harder and faster into you, until you were both panting and gasping for air.

~*Sometime later*~

    Jeff smiled at the sleeping you on top of him. You had gone to sleep shortly after you'd finished your 'business.' A tall figure teleported right beside your bed, and Jeff almost stabbed him.
"SLENDY! WHAT THE HELL!" Jeff quickly covered your naked body, you now awake.
"Jeffery, we have to go... Who is this?" Slendy's voice was low and deep.
Your face flushed as Slendy's non-existent face rested on you. "M- My name is..(y/n),"you stammered.
Slendy nodded to you. "Jeffery, they're coming for (y/n). Do you know what you just DID?!~" Slendy whisper-yelled.
"Uhhh..." Jeff mumbled. "Had se-"
"NO! Well, yes, but you did it with a mortal, and as I've told you countless times before, now she's immortal!" Slendy sighed and looked at (y/n), who had a stunned look on her face. "Child, (y/n), you must now come and live with us to be safe. If you do not, you will be captured and killed."
You sighed. "I'll do it.. Just let me pack my things.." You said in a hushed voice. Slendy nodded, and turned around so you and Jeff could get dressed.
    After that, you had gotten all packed, and was ready to go.
"Ready?" Slendy asked. You and Jeff nodded. "Then let us go." A portal opened up, and you stepped in and felt nothing.

                                               END OF CHAPTER THREE! <3
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SUSHIFREAK101 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student
wanna be immortal? get banged by any creepypasta... XD
ClaraThEwolF Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
I just love how slendy comes out of nowhere, and jeff is just all cocky about it XD lol.. ah slendy..
Hollyleaf31 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
"G-Go easy since, AAAH!"
"You're a virgin...THAT was unexpected..."
"I just told you this was my first-OWH JEFF!"
"Slendy, what the hell?"
OMG LMAO this was hilarious!!!!
JeffKills Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you ;w;
Hollyleaf31 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
No probs. It was good!
PedoBearMustDie Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
My innocence got taken away by a drunken madman.....GREAAAAAAAAATT.... Well mother always told me that I wasn't the most perfect child out there.
JeffKills Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I am terribly sorry, my dearest friend.
But there's always that one... *Snicker*
DrekaShin Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Artist
And dead
DasLebensspender Featured By Owner Edited Jul 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just read "EMON WARNING! THIS IS A LEMON" without thinking and imagined Jeff running with a lemon as if it were a bomb and people freaking out XD
CrystalCritic Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
How would you fit a bomb in a lem- oh wait shrinking technology, nvm humans are both intelligent and dumbasses sometimes.
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